Tropical Technical Institute

Since the start of its activities, IT2 has published several documents aimed at producers in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

  • Manuel du Planteur: regroups a set of sheets intended to provide all the necessary elements to produce bananas under the best production conditions.
  • Petit Guide Pratique de la Matière Organique: describes the role of organic matter in soil fertility and describes the main deposits present in the West Indies.
  • Petit Guide des Couverts Végétaux: presents the benefits provided by plant cover and the different techniques and parameters that producers must master to install them in tropical production systems.
  • Petit Guide Pratique de la Réglementation Phytosanitaire (Practical Guide to Phytosanitary Regulations): contains the essential regulatory information that a professional must have in mind before carrying out a phytosanitary treatment.
  • Yam Variety Sheets : detailed description of new high-performance yam varieties adapted to the production areas of Guadeloupe.
  • Manual of Technical Advice and Regulations Relating to the Production of Quality Citrus Plants to the C.A.C. Standard in Guadeloupe.

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