Institut de l'Élevage



The Institut de l’Élevage is an institute for applied research and development for livestock farming (cattle, sheep, goats and horses). The institute’s various actions are part of an overall mission to provide innovation and build knowledge in herbivore husbandry and its related supply chains.  

Its activities, including studies, experiments, engineering, advice and training, aim to:

  •  Improve the competitiveness of farms and the working conditions for livestock producers
  • Adapt production and livestock systems to the expectations of society (food security, animal welfare and environment)
  • To meet the demands of the supply chain in product processing and quality initiatives from producer to consumer



The institute’s training is aimed at technicians and engineers from both upstream and downstream in the grazing livestock supply chain. Each year, some 1,000 students participate in its inter-company courses. The institute also organises within-company courses, whose programmes and objectives are defined in consultation with the applicant.