French Vine and Wine Institute

Research activities


Addressing the major scientific and technical issues of the sector :

 IFV's research programme identifies priority R&D themes, addressing both viticulture as a whole and stakeholders in research and innovation. Five major themes have been identified by the scientific and technical committee: developing more ‘eco-friendly’ viticulture, maintaining  healthy and sustainable vineyards producing quality grapes and wines, adapting to the changing demands of global markets, meeting consumer demand in terms of health, safety and traceability, and introducing specialised streams for developing consistent and cost-effective supply chains.


1 programme - 9 basic actions - 40 operations :

IFV’s 2014-2020 multiannual research programme is fully consistent with the direction taken in France’s national plan for agricultural and rural development, established by the Ministry of Agriculture, and develops the new priority themes identified in ACTA’s contract of objectives.

In applying these orientations and thematic priorities to viticulture, IFV’s research programme has been built on a plan containing nine basic actions (known by their French initials AE) and 40 operations incorporating the demands of PNDAR and ACTA’s contract of objectives.

The nine basic actions of IFV’s 2014-2020 multiannual programme have been defined as follows:


  • AE 1: Varietal diversity and innovation
  • AE 2: Wood diseases and other dieback
  • AE 3: Design of lower input systems
  • AE 4: Wine-making territoires
  • AE 5: Studies and research for organic viticulture
  • AE 6: Market-adapted grape-wine production itineraries  
  • AE 7: Innovative vinification processes
  • AE 8: Evaluating quality and consumer safety
  • AE 9: Dissemination and valorisation of results