IFIP - Institut du porc

The IFIP is the research, development and innovation tool at the service of all businesses in the sector, whose expertise should facilitate responses to current challenges:

  • The modernization of companies
  • Value creation by adapting to all national, European and global markets
  • The return to a dynamic of consumption through diversified product offers
  • Highlighting the sector's economic, social and environmental performance.
  • Consumer confidence in a high-protein food contributing to the nutritional balance of meals
  • Citizens' understanding of the current professions involved in the breeding and processing of pork products.

At the same time, the IFIP continues to adapt to respond to professional orientations, public policies and the needs of businesses: evolution of skills, involvement in innovation, development of the range of services, including internationally, participation in national and European calls for tenders, integration into French and European partnership networks, mobilisation of new communication media (applications, e-learning, social networks, etc.).