IFIP - Institut du porc


In an ever more competitive environment, IFIP – Institut du porc disseminates knowledge and know-how to provide stakeholders in the pig and pork sector with appropriate solutions:


  • JRP Congress (dedicated to research) www.journees-recherche-porcine.com
  • ‘Baromètre Porc’, a monthly economic review  
  • ‘Tech Porc’, a technical review
  • Newsletter: Information on meats and charcuterie; newsletter on pig farming; newsletter on feed situation (‘Note de Conjoncture Aliment’) 
  • Code of good practice for charcuterie. Note to pig farmers. Pork sector in numbers etc.
  • Guides to good hygiene practices in pig farming, slaughter/cutting and the charcuterie industry. Guide to good environmental practices in husbandry etc.
  • IFIP meetings, ‘Maison du Porc’ at SPACE (international livestock trade fair), technical sessions etc.
  • Website: www.ifip.asso.fr