National Federation of Seed Multiplier Farmers

Crop protection issues occupy a prominent place in the technical activity of FNAMS, reflecting growing difficulties in view of the disappearance of many molecules and the need to develop new solutions for control methods. The problems of weeding, crucial for the competitiveness and quality of production and particularly strategic for fodder and vegetables, alone represent 20% of global activity. The actions are aimed at testing products for approval on these minor species, and testing control methods combining chemical and mechanical weed control.

The fight against diseases and pests, another major concern, aims to test new products and develop tools for reasoning treatments.

Beyond the control of bio-aggressors, the issues are numerous. They concern the development of the yield and the quality of the seeds on the grain crops, the problems of fertilization (control of the nitrogen fertilization in particular), of the implantation of the cultures (implantation under cover of the forage crops).