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The dissemination and transmission of technical, economic and regulatory knowledge contribute to the support and services offered by the CTIFL to professionals. More than 200 publications are available for sale and many thematic dossiers, databases and technical and economic editions are available online.

Access to the CTIFL's documentary platform

Periodic publications

The CTIFL publishes Infos-Ctifl, the technical journal containing the results of its work in all fields of expertise, from research and experimentation to certification, including studies, training and technical assistance. The 10 annual issues of Infos-Ctifl are available for subscription in printed or online version.

Thematic publications


The CTIFL proposes, in its Point Sur collection, detailed thematic files on products, techniques and tools, to disseminate theoretical knowledge and practical contributions to all the actors of the sector. Distributed on the occasion of the technical days organised by the CTIFL, the issues of the Point Sur collection are also available online.

Economic publications of 2019 :

  • Evolution of the apricot market: Perception and expectations of the sector and consumers

  • Tomato production in vegetable gardens

  • Observatory of the retail trade specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables: year 2015-2017

  • Observatory of fresh fruit and vegetable wholesale and shipping companies: year 2015-2017

  • Zero or zero" approaches between organic and conventional: perception and expectations of tomato consumers