Backed by: ITEIPMAI

Regional Interprofessional Centre of Experimentation in Perfume Plants, Aromatic and Medicinal

Areas of expertise

Agronomic experiments

Crop Management :

- Knowledge and management of pests and beneficials in the cultivation of perfume and aromatic plants.

- Weed management in crops.

- Knowledge and means of disease management.

Genetic resources :

- Conservation of remarkable varieties of perfume and aromatic plants.

- Animation and development of the production chain of certified plants.

- Varietal comparison, selection, creation of varieties.

Agroecology in PPAM crops:

- Development of agroecological crop itineraries with inter-row cover.

- Systemic approach to crop management

- Search for itineraries for the adaptation of crops to climate change

Experiments on machinism and transformation :

- Development of prototypes for mechanical weeding, harvesting machine.

- Improvement of distillation and drying processes.

- Water and energy savings

- Quality of essential oils.

Dissemination of information :

- Through various technical messages, CRIEPPAM informs producers (more than 1,700) about the achievements in terms of experimentation, news from the sector, etc...

- Social networks

- Website intended primarily for producers.

- Technical meetings, field demonstrations.

- Animation of an observation network and dissemination to producers (BSV sector, Flashes, alerts).

- Training and methodological support to technicians of the sector (producers' organizations, chambers of agriculture)

- Training on expertise themes (Distillation, drying, plant production, ...)