Backed by: ITEIPMAI

National Conservatory of Perfume, Medicinal, Aromatic and Industrial Plants

Areas of expertise

Botanical and genetic resources

  • Conservation of collections: specific and generic (priority plants for the ppam sectors, national collections).

  • Acquisition of plant material, genetic variability by prospecting, monitoring of regulatory changes concerning access to plant genetic resources.

    Pre-selection of productive populations or individuals according to criteria defined by the interprofessional committees and scientific councils of the ppam sectors.

  • Assistance to companies in botany and ethnobotany.

Agronomy / production

  • Production of seeds and seedlings used in the ppam (AB) sectors.
  • Experiments to develop the cultivation of plants that are still not widely cultivated.
  • Seed carriers, on demand for certain species of PPAM

Protecting biodiversity

  • Accompaniment of the wild plant collection sector in its structuring, sensitization, monitoring of national regulations.
  • Study of the possibilities of cultivation.
  • Supply of plant material and technical information to professionals in the ppam sector.
  • Participation in the development of a "local vegetal" sector in Ile-de-France.

Tourism / education

  • Reception of visitors all year round (visit of the gardens and the museographic space dedicated to the ppam sectors).
  • Reception of groups (schools and others) with specific ppam animations.