Centre for the Study and Valorisation of Algae

The CEVA provides training courses covering all aspects relating to the knowledge of algae, their production and their valorisation: biology of macro-algae and micro-algae, cultivation on land and at sea, industrial valorisation routes (processes, products, markets, uses, regulations), safety of collection operations, culinary workshops, etc...

These training courses are short (1 to 2 days in most cases) and can take place at your premises or on our premises in order to allow access to our technical installations or to integrate field trips in the course of the courses.

We offer a range of training courses from our catalogue, as well as tailor-made in-company training courses designed according to the needs and expectations of the companies that entrust us with the training of their employees.

Find a part of our training courses on our blog :

To discuss the setting up of specific training courses, you can contact Elisabeth Deboise, sales assistant, on 02 96 22 89 25 or by e-mail: elisabeth.deboise@ceva.fr.