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Arvalis - Institut du végétal

Areas of expertise

The skills of ARVALIS - Institut du végétal are supported by four operational entities that bring together the 400 permanent employees of the institute:

Directorate of Research and Development

The Research and Development Department brings together the specialized technical teams of the institute by theme. Its engineers and technicians guarantee the coherence of the program of activities and its declination in field protocols, studies, development of tools and operational services. They are also in contact with the national and international partners (research, companies, public authorities ...) of the institute and ensure the monitoring of their work topics. 

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Contact: Jean-Paul Bordes

Scientific Direction, methodological and progam innovations

The Scientific Direction, methodological and program innovations guarantees the methodological excellence of the work of the Institute and the reliability of the information produced. It also contributes to the development of scientific and technical partnerships, calls for projects at national and international level, internal and external scientific animation and prospective reflection. As such, it is responsible for the Scientific Council of the Institute and manages all the technical databases resulting from its work.

Contact: Philippe Gate

Regional Actions Directorate

The teams of engineers and technicians of the Regional Actions Department are spread over 27 sites in France, grouped into 5 regions. They guarantee the satisfaction and the listening of the farmers, the economic actors and the development organizations by their knowledge of each region, its actors and stakes, the realization of programs of experimentation and adapted study, the provision of results, tools and services of the institute in their region.

These teams work in conjunction with the institute's regional partners: Chambers of Agriculture, cooperatives, businesses, companies ... both in terms of experiments and information on training or services.

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Contact: Franck Wiacek

Communication, Sales and Marketing Department

The Communications, Sales and Marketing Department provides operational support to the Institute's teams on all projects requiring communication skills: publishing, internet, training, field events (Les Culturales®, PotatoEurope ...), conferences and seminars. 

It edits and distributes the monthly magazine Perspectives Agricoles, the technical publications and manages the digital communication of the institute.

Contact: André Borderon

Direction de la Valorisation

La Direction de la Valorisation a l'ambition d'accroître l’impact et la valorisation des travaux de l’institut en développant sa capacité d’innovation et son agilité, en restant fidèle à sa mission, et en garantissant un équilibre durable des comptes.

Contact: Romain Val