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Association Nationale Interprofessionnelle des Fruits et Légumes Transformés

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In 2011 : 33

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In 2011 : €3.35m

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ANIFELT (the national trade association for processed fruit and vegetables) currently includes six specific sectors of the fruit and vegetable processing industry: green vegetables, mushrooms, tomatoes for processing, prunes, Bigarreau cherries for processing and cabbage for sauerkraut.

Each of these sectors is organised inter-professionally, in a vertical structure based on varietal specialisation, the direct involvement of economic stakeholders (producers and processors) and pre-harvest contracting.

Strengthened by their specificity, over the years the processed fruit and vegetable sector has built a very particular organisational framework – inter-professional – which incorporates technical research and development relating to upstream production.

Therefore, the inter-professional members of ANIFELT have (with the exception of ANIBI which does not have its own structure) integrated or affiliated technical services.

Technical programmes are tailored to the needs of each sector.

These technical departments cover, at their level, all the roles usually performed by a technical institute or centre.

The focus and content of the programmes are set by the professional committees and boards of directors of each of the inter-professional organisations.

The nature of their actions is closely dependent on the major concerns of the product sector in question.