French hop producers association

Mobilizing plant genetic resources: Hops control, varieties and collection

In order to perpetuate French hop production and to maintain the current surface areas, new plantations of marketable varieties are and will be necessary and unavoidable.

Control of bio-aggressors: Knowledge of bio-aggressors and development of control methods.

Hops are the target of pests and parasites that can cause significant damage to crop yields and quality. Hops is a minor crop that benefits from little public research in France and phytosanitary firms show little interest in developing control methods, whereas

The AGPH therefore mobilizes all available resources to develop tools for predicting the development of bio-aggressors, to test new phytopharmaceutical products and to look for alternative means of control.

Designing systems optimizing the exploitation's own resources: Technico-economic development.

The challenge is to ensure the sustainability of hop growing through a network of actions that contribute to :


- simplifying and reducing work times

- preserve the soil from pollution and erosion.

- develop production systems adapted to technical and economic constraints

Several themes are linked to this action:

- the reasoned contribution of inputs (analysis of the remainders N: 49 in 2013, ...)

- the design or improvement of equipment (e.g. drying and ventilation of hops).

- the determination of the optimal harvest date (monitoring of dry matter)

- the collection of economic data from the farms.