Rationale for Acta

To bring together, resource and defend, the technical agricultural institutes in order to promote their unique know-how in France and abroad. Connect people and knowledge to accelerate innovation and improve the competitiveness of the plant and animal sectors. With each institute, with each economic and political player, Acta is building the partition of tomorrow's agriculture, which will be multiple, more sustainable and more competitive.

The globalisation of trade, social and environmental constraints, the challenge of climate change and energy management, the safety and health of populations require new policies aimed at providing solutions to these societal problems and creating opportunities to enable companies to innovate for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Research and development is the essential lever to meet the economic competitiveness needs of the agricultural and agri-food sectors and to respond to society's expectations through a collective and global vision.

As a true DNA transmission chain between the various players in the sectors, Acta contributes, at its level, to accelerating innovation.

Acta's actions revolve around :

  • The exploration of new ideas
  • Establishing a collective work plan, joint research projects
  • Coordination of cross-cutting scientific programmes
  • Evaluating its own programs

The Acta teams combine, like a double helix, scientific know-how and animation engineering: two qualities necessary to ensure that innovations can succeed and be translated into added value for the sectors.

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