Acta's presentation

Acta - the Agricultural Technical Institutes is a unique farmer-led association in Europe. As the head of the network*, it coordinates the network of technical agricultural institutes and contributes to strengthening their influence through collective actions.

Acta federates 18 technical agricultural institutes (ITA) and partner applied research structures, representing more than 2,000 collaborators, including 1,650 doctors, engineers and technicians, and bringing together more than 180 establishments in mainland France and overseas France.

* Acta is recognized as a national coordination structure for technical agricultural institutes (ITA) by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food - Order on the qualification of technical agricultural institutes of 8 February 2018.

#missions :

  • Represent the technical agricultural institutes to public authorities and stakeholders (decision-makers, opinion leaders...)
  • Contribute to an eco-responsible, competitive and sustainable agriculture,
  • Promoting R&D in French agricultural sectors at different territorial scales
  • Fostering innovation and its transfer to farmers and businesses
  • Federating expertise in the service of collective actions for agricultural sectors

On a daily basis, the Acta is a real place for exchange and sharing at the confluence of missions of general interest and missions of specific interest to the agricultural, forestry and agro-industrial sectors, it ensures :

  • The animation of the network of ITAs on scientific and technical questions transversal to the sectors.
  • The transfer and collective valorisation of the work of the ITAs mainly to political decision-makers and the press.
  • The publication and distribution of specialized works including the Acta Phytosanitary and Biocontrol Index
  • The sale of services (training, expertise, contract testing, administrative and accounting services, etc.).

#Key figures:

  • 211 M€ budget
  • 18 technical agricultural institutes and Acta, head of the network
  • 2000 employees including 1650 doctors, engineers and technicians
  • 200 new national projects
  • 40 ongoing H2020 projects
  • 60 new regional projects (including DOM)
  • 30 PhDs in progress
  • 65 apprenticeship contracts in progress
  • 230 supervised dissertations
  • 1225 training courses given and 9400 participants per year

Created in 1956 by the professional agricultural organisations, Acta is steered by farmers and a Board of Directors made up of representatives of the ITAs, an economic and financial general controller representing the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, and a State representative from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.